Tangier: User-friendly solutions for fast, easy scheduling of healthcare providers.

Flexible rules and automated request approval work seamlessly to create schedules optimized for fairness and fill rate.

Tangier shift scheduling software is the premier solution for:

Emergency Medicine

Tangier gives you the power to create fair schedules fast, while balancing the staffing needs of your emergency department with the schedule demands of your providers.

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Hospital Medicine

Tangier’s Flexible and Template Scheduling solutions optimize continuity of patient care and meet the unique needs of hospitalists and other hospital medicine practitioners.

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Urgent Care

Tangier’s automatic scheduling and provider request functions work seamlessly to create schedules fast and easily across multiple locations.

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Tangier’s Flexible and Template Scheduling solutions can handle both simple recurring weekly schedules and complex rotations for a variety of time frames to meet the needs of anesthesiologists and surgical rooms.

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Tangier Scheduling Software creates radiologist schedules for a group of any size that adhere to your clinical rules, specialty requirements, and providers’ personal preferences.

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Tangier makes it easy to balance on-call shifts and clinic hours for obstetricians and gynecologists.

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Residency Programs

Tangier is easy to learn for new schedulers and ensures the right resident is assigned to the right shift.

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