Tangier Scheduling Software allows you to confidently publish radiology schedules for a group of any size, knowing that they meet all your various clinical rules, specialty requirements, and providers’ personal preferences.


Use Tangier’s sophisticated algorithm for hassle-free scheduling, saving hours of frustration and eliminating errors.


Real-Time Access – Radiologists work in various settings and need constant, easy access to their schedules. Using Tangier’s Mobile app, texting options, and calendar sync features, providers easily see up-to-date schedules and manage scheduling tasks, such as entering off requests and swapping shifts.

Workable Schedules – Automatically build fair call and daily schedules allowing providers to balance work and family. 

Manage Availability – Tangier allows you to control away-time to ensure sufficient coverage for scheduling needs.

Time Tracking for Payroll – You can allow providers to sign in and out of shifts in order to track overtime, making the payroll process efficient and seamless.

Shift Management – Allow providers to swap shifts easily or fill open shifts quickly from any PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Template Scheduling – Easily build recurring templates for fixed or flexible rotations.

Reporting – Quickly track shift assignments to ensure fair distribution of shifts, such as call shifts, nights, weekends, etc.

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