Auditing Shift Changes

 Shift Audit Trail

The Shift Audit Trail shows the detail of tracked changes made to shift assignments, including the type of change made, the date/time of the change, and the user who performed the change.

To view the Shift Audit Trail, click a shift on the schedule and select it from the menu.

Here’s an example of a Shift Audit Trail:

How to Read a Shift Audit Trail

Column Heading Definitions

Action is the type of change made to the shift.
User is who made the change.
Date/Time is when the change was made.
Provider is who was assigned to the shift at the time of the change.
Source is how the Action originated. The source could be one of the following:

  • Schedule Generation – Tangier’s scheduling algorithm made the assignment.
  • Shift Request - An approved provider shift request made the assignment.
  • Swap Request - A provider swap request made or removed the assignment.
  • User Action - The user manually performed the shift update.

Here are the shift changes tracked by the Shift Audit Trail:


  • Shift Assignment
  • Shift Assignment Removed

Adjust Planned Hours

  • Planned Shift Time Change
  • Planned Reported Shift Duration Change
  • Planned Hourly Pay Rate Override
  • Planned Payroll Shift Code Override
  • Shift Cancellation
  • Shift Split
  • Adjust Planned Task Removed

Adjust Worked Hours:

  • Actual Shift Times Change
  • Actual Hourly Pay Rate Override
  • Actual Payroll Shift Code Override
  • Gross Pay Override
  • Compensation Adjustments (shift bonus)
  • Provider Sign-In Problem Override
  • Adjust Worked Task Removed

Tangier EPS Rapid Entry Screen

  • Actual Shift Times Change

Tangier Web Time & Accounting Page:

  • Actual Shift Times Change
  • Shift Hours Approved
  • Shift Hours Unapproved
  • Shift Hours Override

Provider Shift Request Task (when approved):

  • Shift Assignment
  • Provider Sign In/Out Task:
  • Actual Shift Times Change
  • Sign-In Problem

Provider Swap Task (when accepted):

  • Shift Assignment
  • Shift Assignment Removed

In addition, users can generate the Shift Audit Trail Report. The report tracks changes made to shifts, including provider assignments, hours and financial rates for a specific period or date range.  The report can be filtered by changes made to specific shift groups; the action taken; and the user who made the changes.