Tangier Sky Scheduler View now available!

Peake Software Labs has released the Tangier Sky Scheduler View – the new version of its industry-leading web-based scheduling software – to all administrative users.

The Tangier Sky Scheduler View is an enhanced update of the current Tangier Web Admin Calendar that features a modern, sleeker look, user-friendly context menus, and a Provider List with filtering options.

The Tangier Sky Scheduler View enhancements include:

  • User customized schedule display options
  • Multiple-shift selection for faster provider assignments
  • Highlight multiple providers and filter by practitioner type
  • Context menus for easier and quicker task performance
  • Drag-and-drop shift assignments
  • Single-click publishing and printing of schedules
  • More display options for multiple months, weeks, days
  • Print condensed date range schedules

All administrative users now have the option to select the Tangier Sky Scheduler View after logging into Tangier. (Any work done in the Scheduler View will be reflected in the current classic version of the Tangier Web Admin Calendar and vice versa.)

We encourage you to start using the Tangier Sky Scheduler View. We know you’ll find that the enhancements and new features make scheduling with Tangier even easier.

Click here to learn more about the Tangier Sky Scheduler View!