Tangier Scheduler View updates!

This week’s release of the latest version of Tangier Sky includes a new option for controlling provider off time and updates to Tangier’s reporting options.

Provider Off Request Removal

Organizations now can choose to allow Tangier administrators to remove provider entered Off Requests via the Sky Requests calendar.

Provider Off Request Removal is activated through a user’s Tangier Access Type, so it can be applied to all or specific administrative users. NOTE: An administrator will NOT be allowed to remove off requests entered by another Tangier admin user (unless the user is both a provider and an administrator).

By default, an email message will be sent to the provider when the request is removed. However, this feature can be turned off if desired.  The administrator removing the request always will be sent the email in either case.

To add Provider Off Request Removal for any of your Tangier administrators, please contact Tangier support or your Tangier account manager.

New! Shift Status Report

A new Shift Status Report has been added to the Standard and Organization Report menus, giving organizations a tool to track shifts with an applied status (such as Closed, Moonlighting, etc.).

The new report has two styles, both of which can be generated in Excel format:

  1. Summary by Location
  2. Detail by Status, Date, and Shift

The report includes Shift Status and Shift Group filters, and an option to only include locations using statuses. It will show both the number of shifts and hours for each status and, in Detail style, any shift comments that have been added.

Report Updates

The Total Shifts Worked By Provider report has been added to the Standard Reports menu, so it now can be run for a specific Location, Schedule Group individual provider. This report previously was available only from the Organization Reports menu.

The Open Shift Report now has two Style options – Summary and Detail – each available in Excel format. The Summary style in Excel now includes the number of hours for open shifts as well as the Shift Status if used. The Detail style in Excel includes the number of hours for each shift as well as any shift comments.