New tools for Tangier Sky Schedulers

Tangier Sky Scheduler View users have new tools to assist them when creating and reviewing schedules.

The Provider List can now be expanded to display a count of provider shifts by Shift Group. At a glance, schedulers can see how many nights, weekends, or other kinds of shifts that each provider has been assigned to, as well as the provider’s total shifts and hours for the period. A new date range display also has been added to the Provider List.

Also new to the Provider List is custom color-coding that allows you to select and save the color that highlights selected providers on the schedule.

The Shift Group/Practitioner Type Filter has been enhanced to include color highlighting, and these colors can be customized as well. In addition, the Shift Group/Totals Summary report can now be printed directly from the filter.

Go here to learn more about the new Provider List features.

Go here to learn more about the Schedule Filter color coding feature.