NEW! Swap Selection

With the latest Tangier release, a new feature was added to allow Tangier administrators to enable and disable 1-Way and 2-Way Swap Requests individually. Locations can now limit the kind of swaps providers can make in Tangier Sky, giving schedulers enhanced control over schedule changes.

The “Allow 1-Way Swap Request” and “Allow 2-Way Swap Request” options are found in Tangier EPS on the Location screen’s Tangier Web tab. If swaps currently are allowed at a location, each option will be enabled by default.

Pending Swaps previously offered to specific providers will not be affected by subsequent changes to the swap options. For example, if Provider A offered a 1-Way swap to Provider B, the latter can still accept this request if it was made prior to the scheduler turning off the 1-Way Swap option. Swaps posted to the Shift Exchange, however, will be bound by the new settings.