NEW! Multiple Shift Adjustments

A new enhancement to the Tangier Sky Scheduler View allows users to make adjustments to multiple shifts at once.

Shift changes made using Adjust Planned can now be applied to up to seven shifts selected using Tangier’s multi-select feature (Control + Click with a keyboard; long press on a touch screen).

If the selected shifts are all same type, the start and/or end time can be changed after checking the Change Shift Time box. (NOTE: Split Shifts are excluded when using multi-select.)

If the selected shifts are different types – for example, a mix of Day and Mid shifts – the time cannot be adjusted, but other changes such as adding Shift Groups or a Shift Status can be applied.

Multi-select also works with removing the exceptions created by Adjust Planned, with the maximum selected also being seven.

If more than seven shifts are selected, the following message will display:

Multi-Select Adjust Planned Dialog