New, Easier Way to Total Provider Hours

Tangier’s Shift Group Summary Report has a new name and a new feature. Now called the Shift Group/Totals Summary, you can opt to run a report that shows only the total number of shifts/hours for each provider. 

NOTE: When used in combination with the Schedule Screen's toolbar Shift Group Filter dialog, the report works  the same as it has in prior releases.


 From the Reports menu on the Schedule Screen,  select Shift Group/Totals Summary.

The dialog box will display. As before, you can select a period or a date range. The default report will run the Total Assigned hours/shifts for each provider. You can select any or all of the criteria – hours, shifts, percentages, and targets – as well as exclude manually assigned providers. Practitioner Types can also be filtered for the report.

 Click OK to run the report.

Example of the report:

The report can be run for all providers at a location, or select the provider(s) to include using the Provider Quicklist.

Filtering Shift Groups

In addition to using the Schedule Screen's  tool bar Shift Group Filter dialog, you can now filter shift groups directly from the report’s dialog.

 Click on the “…” hyperlink box.

 Click on a shift group in the left column and use the arrows to move groups in and out of the “selected” column on the right. Double-clicking on a shift group also will move it to a different column.

 Click Update to save and close filtering box.

 Click OK to run the report.

The report will show the filtered shift groups as well as the total for all shifts for each provider.