New! Automated year-to-date fairness

Looking to the past pays off today with Tangier’s new automated year-to-date fairness adjustment.

The enhancement to the Tangier scheduling algorithm lets schedulers track shift assignments across a wider period of time than the current schedule. This increases fairness for all providers as the year progresses.

The feature is enabled by using Additional Targets for "Per Period" preferences (Shifts Per Period, Shift Group Per Period, Shift Type Per Period) and setting the Additional Target(s) that should be used for fairness across Scheduling Periods.

When in use, the algorithm will take into account a provider’s shifts assignments in prior scheduling periods to determine how to currently assign shifts. For example, a provider who is below a year-to-date target for night shifts will be given priority for night shifts when the schedule is generated for the current period.

Go here to learn more about using Additional Targets and Year-To-Date Fairness or contact Tangier.