Hospital Medicine

Tangier’s industry-leading automatic Template Scheduling produces fair, accurate and dependable schedules that meet the unique needs of hospitalists and other hospital medicine practitioners.


Optimize continuity of patient care while balancing the needs of hospitalists and intensivists.


Template Scheduling – Define fixed or flexible rotations with Tangier Template Scheduling. It allows you to set specific shifts for the work week and on what days/weeks a provider should begin a rotation. Tangier offers the most complex set of parameters and settings to configure most any combination of rotations or templates.

Flexibility – Combining the template and flexible scheduling features creates schedules with fewer open shifts. You can schedule template rotations first, and then backfill using provider flexible rules for other shifts, such as call or night shifts.

Schedule Accessibility – Tangier’s Mobile app, texting options, and calendar sync features let providers easily access up-to-date schedules and manage scheduling tasks, such as entering off requests and swapping shifts.

Payroll and Reporting – Detailed time and accounting reports make the payroll process efficient and seamless.

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